DIET: Reuben Joseph Myer; I am...

DIET: Reuben Joseph Myer; I am...

Post by Reuben Joseph My » Thu, 27 Oct 1994 09:32:56

        I like to think of myself as a one man crusade (now 2,
with the help of Troj) to combat ignorance in the changing
face of new knowledge.  There is nothing that is "magical"
about what the body does in its metabolic sense--it is
chemistry.  To be able to elucidate the individual pathways of
food metabolism by understanding the separate reactions of
converting one thing into another *is* understanding what the
body needs to consume in order to provide itself with the
energy to continue maintaining its steady state far from
        For those who are actually interested in this
discussion we are having about metabolism, which is
directly related to good nutrition, you will notice two kinds
of posters:  People like Troj.  Obviously has taken a great
deal of science and has an excellent grasp on what chemistry is
taking place in these pathways.  On the other hand, there are
people like Tom.  People who do not have quite the science
background, but who think they have a firm grasp on what's
going on in the body.  People like Tom mean well, but they hold
so tightly to their beliefs that they refuse to look at new
information (no matter how conclusive), or if they do look at
new info, try to fit it into their own warped picture of what's
going on.
        Tom's diet is "based on results."  Well, if it aint
broke, don't fix it.  To be honest, I used to think just like
Tom:  A diet of almost exclusively carb's was the only way to
go.  That was before I got to college and became a biology
major and took extensive science classes including cell
biology, organic chemistry, and biochem.  I now have a clearer
picture of what's going on in the body.  No one told me what is
going on, they gave me the tools to figure it out and I worked
hard to gain the knowledge.  If Tom has not taken these
classes, then he is lacking some of these tools.  I am not
trying to be elitist here; it is definitely possible to
understand a general scheme of what's going on without taking
these classes.  I am simply cautioning those who don't have
quite the science background to be wary of every study, book
(even if it's by an MD) or paper.  Often, you're not sure
what's involved in the study and to try and glean info. from it
that it's not offering will be more poison than cure.
        And so, I am now offering some of these tools to the
newsgroup bystander:  I will be posting a series of Posts that
I will be calling DIET:  An Exercise Physiologist's View.  These
posts will be divided into exclusive areas, titled so as to
give the peruser an idea of what's going on.  They will be
extremely technical, so I apologize if anyone get's lost.  If I
can help clear some of it up, I will try at

basic and move up to the extremely technical.  I am by no means
perfect, so Troj, if you're watching, try to keep me honest
without confusing the viewers at home.  I will pull the books
off the shelf and make some notes, so this might take a few
days to get things in order.  But stay tuned for the first post.

        Oh, and by the way, Tom, you're mother is so ugly,
people go as her for Halloween.