Troj's Hellacious AM practice

Troj's Hellacious AM practice

Post by Tro » Wed, 26 Oct 1994 03:29:29

Dont remember who posted this, but did it this AM

700 Warm up
25 fly
50 as 25 fly, 25 bk
75 as 25 fly, 25 bk 25 br
100 IM
150 as 100 IM 50 fly
300 as 100 IM 200 IM
375 as 100 IM 200 IM 75 fly
600 as 100 IM 200 IM 300 IM

100 Warm Down

Did with 15 secs rest after each swim and 1:00 rest after the whole IM
(ie after 100 IM, 100 IM+200 IM)
Have to admit to taking more rest on the +75 set
Would have been a perfect practice had I had the time (and energy) to
finish off with something more speed oriented.  This became a sort of
edurance swim.  Excellent workout, though.  Doing the 75 fly after the
100 IM+200 IM is great.  Kept getting my ***kicked by my training
parter on the back, but I would always catch her on the last stroke to
beat her from behind.  Lot of fun