Buffalo room-split?

Buffalo room-split?

Post by James G. Ack » Tue, 19 Jul 1994 23:32:08

        I'll be attending the Masters Nationals at Buffalo this
August solo, and would be interested in sharing a room with a
well-mannered, non-late night male (if there's anyone like that
out there).  Non-late night is important because my most important
event, the 200 ***stroke, is the first event on Saturday morning.

        I don't want to sound sexist by excluding women, but my
wife MIGHT not understand.   This is primarily to save $$$.  

        I don't have a room reservation yet, so if anyone has
one I'd be very interested in that prospect.  Otherwise, I'll
have to make reservations soon.

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Buffalo room-split?

Post by Lynn Marsha » Wed, 20 Jul 1994 04:53:39

I'm also looking for someone to share a room with in Buffalo for the USMS
Masters Swim Championships (August 24-28).
I'm looking for a quiet non-smoking person, male or female.  (My boyfriend
is understanding :-) !)

I do have a reservation.