Swimming Word Cup - Day 2 Results

Swimming Word Cup - Day 2 Results

Post by Kevin Franc » Mon, 08 Jan 1996 04:00:00

The second (and final) day finals for the 1st leg of the 1996
Swimming World Cup was held in Hong Kong on Sunday 7 Jan.
Unfortunately, the program continued to only indicate the order
of events/countries represented so I could only rely on the
scoreboard for information about the swimmers. All 18 finals were
completed very quickly and coupled with the award ceremonies, it
was all over within 2? hours; compact world class swimming.

I rushed to the pool to make sure I was able to see the first
event - the Womens 100M Freestyle and watch the World record
holder, Jingyi Le in action. I was peeved to discover that she
was not entered and also had not entered in the 50M Freestyle;
both events in which she held the World records. There was
probably truth to the rumour afterall that she would be swimming
these events only in Beijing during the second leg of the
championships later this month. Beijing pulled out as a venue
last year due to the fiasco with suspended swimmers and it seems
they may want to use the 2nd round of the Championships for their
swimmers to splash back into the World swimming scene ....

Well, it turned out that we didn't have to wait for Beijing. Han
Xue of China surprised everyone in the Womens 50M ***stroke by
swimming 31.11 to beat the World record by 0.08 seconds. The
speed of her stroke was quite astonishing and she clearly moved
her arms faster than the other competitors. There were 3 other
Chinese swimmers with incredibly fast arm movements - Yuanyuan
Jia outstroked everyone else to comfortably win the Womens 100M
Backstroke and Liu Limen took the Womens 50M Butterfly, both of
them reminded me of a hummingbird in action. Yunyu Shang also had
a very fast stroke action which won him the Mens 100M
***stroke; even after being a half body length behind Greg
Smith (USA) on the dive. Take note of the incredibly fast arm
action and under water body motion of top Chinese swimmers in the

When studying the swimmers, I noticed a most peculiar thing. The
German tracksuits were black with red & yellow sash across the
right shoulder/arm and had 'Deutschland' written diagonally on
the back. The Chinese team had an identical tracksuit but with
'China' written diagonally on the back ! On closer scrutiny, the
Chinese tracksuits appeared to be a very dark blue but the only
way I could spot the difference when they were facing front on
was the colour of their hair !

In the Mens 50M Backstroke, K. Konnai (JPN) easily obtained the
underwater advantage on the start but he couldn't match it with
swimming speed and was caught up after the first length. He
gained a further but smaller advantage after the turn but had to
settle for second position to Steve Theloke.

The Mens 200M Freestyle was an exciting race between Danyon
Loader who had earlier won the 400M and Chris Troeger who had
earlier had won the 100M. Would speed or endurance win the 200M ?
The swimming styles during the race indicated that endurance was
an essential ingredient and sure enough, Danyon pipped Chris by
at least a body length.

The first place results for the 2nd day finals held tonight in
Hong Kong (Sun Jan 7) were:

Mens    50M Freestyle     Jiang Chengji  CHN  00:22.61
Mens   200M Freestyle     Danyon Loader  NZL  01:47.41
Mens   800M Freestyle     Scott Cameron  NZL  08:01.93
Mens    50M Backstroke    Steve Theloke  GER  00:25.75
Mens   200M Backstroke    Steve Theloke  GER  01:57.55
Mens   100M ***stroke  Yunyu Shang    CHN  01:01.36
Mens   100M Butterfly     D. Silantier   UKR  00:52.95
Mens   200M Ind. Medley   T. Kinugasa    JPN  01:59.74

Womens 100M Freestyle     Sara Hopkins   GBR  00:57.43
Womens 400M Freestyle     Eri Yamonoi    JPN  04:08.41
Womens 100M Backstroke    Yuanyuan Jia   CHN  01:00.26
Womens  50M ***stroke  Han Xue        CHN  00:31.11
Womens 200M ***stroke  Hanna Jaltider SWE  02:31.32
Womens  50M Butterfly     Limin Liu      CHN  00:27.19
Womens 200M Butterfly     T. Kunimitsu   JPN  02:12.41
Womens 100M Ind. Medley   Anna Wilson    NZL  01:05.27
Womens 400M Ind. Medley   Anna Wilson    NZL  04:40.60

Anybody in Beijing later this month to give the lowdown on the
2nd leg of the World Swimming Champs ?

Kevin Francis
The World of Masters Swimming