silicone swim cap

silicone swim cap

Post by aqua.. » Sun, 06 Feb 2000 04:00:00

> Just got my first silicone swim cap, and instructions read to wet the
> hair before putting cap on (to avoid it "popping" off while swimming).
> I always understood putting a cap on wet hair can damage the hair!
> the cap really pop off?  This isn't for competition, just Masters

> Thanks, Kirsten
> There is a web site on the subject of swim caps and hair care and the

silicon caps and popping off issue is covered.
Lots of swimmers wet their hair first seal the hair shafts with shower
water to make it harder for chlorine to get into the hair shaft.Also
putting conditioner on first then wearing a cap is a good way to
protect hair from damage.
Its all on the web site and more!

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