Olympic Team

Olympic Team

Post by Charlie Cockre » Tue, 19 May 1992 21:14:29

There was an article in this month's issue of "U.S. Swimming Volunteer"
newsletter concerning the Olympic Team. One point made was the makeup of
the team with regard to collegiate swimmers vs. USS club swimmers. In 1988,
there were 27 collegians on the team and no one who red-shirted a year to
train made the team. This year, there are only *9* collegiate swimmers on
the team - the rest are post-graduates or high schoolers. One reason is the
NCAA rule about training time forcing swimmers to leave school to train
(such as Evans and Sanders), but another reason is the vast improvement
in the quality of USS club coaching. Since 1984, United States Swimming
has conducted a vast education program for coaches and other members across
the country and this year's Olympic Trials shows the results. The article
says that the women's team may the best ever assembled. The men's team may
be equally as good, but will most likely face stiffer competition.

Very interesting article - in ***ia, there's been a trend the last ten
years or so seeing increased registration, faster times and more swimmers
making NJO and Senior National cuts - so the results can be seen at the
local level as well as the National level.

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Olympic Team

Post by Katy T. Kislitz » Wed, 20 May 1992 03:10:45

Hi! swimming is my all time fav sport, but ever since I left SRI and the
convenience of Burgess Park, I have stayed pretty dry...  now i am in a
bloated state and would like to get back to swimming.  I work in mt view and
live at 17 && Summit, in the SF Bay Area in CA.  I drive highway 85->280->17
home in the eves.  Can someone tell me what pools are near to my route, and
what they are like?  I'd like to try a master's program, but i've never been
fast, and am horribly out of shape right now.  


ps i know there is a pool at moffett; i'm looking for other alternatives.


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