World Cup Resu... Sarah Hardcastle

World Cup Resu... Sarah Hardcastle

Post by Frog-man » Mon, 06 Feb 1995 22:53:46

>       How old is Sarah Hardcastle?  I know this is a "comeback"
>attempt, but she retired young.  I met her in St. Petersburg, FL, when
>she was an assistant coach with a British team that featured Adrian
>Moorhouse (Seoul 100 ***stroke gold medalist, former world record
>holder (do you realize he swam 1:01.49 for the 100 ***stroke 3 times?)
>But I'd have to guess Sarah is 25-26 years old.

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According to the result list she's born 1969 => 26 yrs.

I hope someone could post results from the rest of WC tour.
I'll get the results from the rest of the competitions with
a few days delay and they usually consists only results Finns
have made.

Virtual-Frog-man JV