San Jose State University Athletic dept needs your input!

San Jose State University Athletic dept needs your input!

Post by Laurie Seft » Sun, 31 May 1992 06:24:22

If you're interested in local sports, this may appeal to you. I'm
working with San Jose State to help them find out the athletics interests
and needs of the local sports enthusiasts. If you could spend 5 minutes
filling out this survey and returning it to:

It would help us immensely.

If you have questions on the survey, or would like to discuss points of it
with me, you can send mail to the above account, and I'll set up a time to
chat. I'm doing this on a volunteer basis, so scheduling may be a little

Laurie Sefton
(among other things, grad student at SJSU)

1. If you have an undergraduate degree, where did you receive it?

1a. Graduate degree?

2. Do you belong to the alumni association of that university or to the SJSU
alumni association?

2a. If so, do you attend sports events or otherwise support the athletics at
that university?

3. Have you ever attended any SJSU sports events?

3a. If so, which events?

4. Do you regularly attend any other sports events?

4a. If so, which events?

5. Do you play any sports recreationally?

5a. If so, which sports?

6. If you were interested in attending a SJSU sports event, how would you
obtain information on that event?

7. What is your opinion on the local media (television. radio, newspapers)
coverage of SJSU sports events?

8. What is your opinion of how SJSU publicizes sports events?

8a. Of supporting their athletic teams?

9. Would you consider attending an SJSU sports event (pick all that apply):

a. by self

b. with friend/spouse

c. with family

d. as part of a work group

10. What would you be willing to pay to attend the sports event?

10a. If you could get a group discount, would you attend?

Anything else you may feel is important?

Thanks again!
"It's a goalie thing--you wouldn't understand."