Freestyly Breathing.

Freestyly Breathing.

Post by Harry Y » Thu, 30 Jul 1992 14:44:08

        Thanks to all for the interest in this thread.  It helped me a lot.

        After a few weeks of practice following the advises here, I can now
breath bilaterally pretty ..hmmm, comfortably.  The difference between
breathing on the strong and the week side is diminishing quickly.  I still
swallow some water on the still-weeker side at times tho.
        Here's my experience:  I first started with alternating laps of weak-
side and strong-side breathing.  It was very unenjoyable because of the water
swallowing.  After 2 days of that, I switched back to breathing on the strong
side most of the time, and only breath on the weak-side for a few strokes each
lap.  This alows me to compare the mechanics of breathing on both side.  I
learned to breath on the weak side by just trying to recreate the strong side
breathing on the weak and noting the difference in the two.  This method is
more enjoyable, mainly because water swallowing is greatly reduced.
        After about 2 weeks, I think I did it.
        Bilateral swimming really gives my left arm a good workout everytime.
The pain in my left arm after 100 laps is just unbarable.  I didn't feel any
pain in my right arm when I started swimming.  But then, I started with 1/2
a lap, not 100 laps.  :)   (Btw, Columbia pool is 25 yard/lap, not 50 meter.)
        Again, I really appreciate the coaching on the net.

|    Harry Xu  (KB2LHA)                 <>    Enjoying Summer in NYC.     |



Freestyly Breathing.

Post by Scott Smi » Fri, 31 Jul 1992 09:06:22

Well done Harry!  All it takes is a little practice and patience!