Heenan's SWIM FAQ now on WWW

Heenan's SWIM FAQ now on WWW

Post by John Heen » Sun, 17 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Controversial swim FAQ accessible from

My program to convert text files to WWW text as mentioned below is not
necessary.  Very simple markers can be incorporated to tell WWW
readers to display text between the markers as would be seen with an
ordinary text reader (with some exceptions).  My apoligies for rushing
into this without doing my homework.

I will be preparing an information sheet on simple WWW publishing such
that any newsletter or set of results already prepared as plain text
can be practically instantaneously posted on the WWW by running
automated batch files or scripts.  This means it will be possible to
see results on the Internet virtually as soon as the event is over by
using text file information a timing system generates or by using
text files generated by swim software after coding of results.


: My contoversial swim faq is now on WWW.  It is linked to

: http://sydney.dialix.oz.au/~sad

: As promised I am making available a program to assist conversion of
: plain UNIX or DOS/Windows text to WWW plain text which will help
: anyone wishing to publish information on WWW who is not concerned
: about lack of adornment.  This program is below comments below which
: were added to the FAQ on WWW.

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