Height of jets in spa - dispute with pool builder

Height of jets in spa - dispute with pool builder

Post by Timothy B. Burleso » Sat, 25 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Hi. Thanks for reading this message.

Our pool was just built and we used the spa for the first time four nights
ago. I immediately noticed that, in my opinion, the jets were extremely low.

The distance is 5.5 inches measured from the seat in the spa to the bottom
of the jet opening. Our builder claims that this is an industry standard,
but to me, it still feels way too low.

The spa has a total of five jets. Three of them are at the 5.5" height, the
other two are higher, so this is a major enjoyment.

What do you think? Are the jets at the proper height or too low? Any
information about this would really be appreciated.


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