Freestyle Breathing: Inhale every 3 strokes?

Freestyle Breathing: Inhale every 3 strokes?

Post by An » Fri, 10 Jul 1992 20:19:04

>  The only way to make bilateral breathing rythmic and natural is to practice,
>  practice, practice!  A little verbal advice from a poolside coach doesn't go
>  astray either!

One of my problems with breathing bilaterally (I think, anyway, being
fairly new to this) is that I have less flexibility on one side of the
neck. I suspect that it shouldn't really matter, since there isn't
that much movement required anyway, but I think it does, at least
psychologically, to sense that you are stiffer on that side.

I've tried to remember stretching my neck often, and it seemed to make
things easier - at least it made me feel that it was possible to get
my mouth above the water. I'm not swimming much just now (use it for a
knee-friendly non-weather-dependent off-season activity), so I'll
resume my efforts to learn this autumn. Did anyone else consider their
neck flexibility a problem, and did stretching help?


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