Where can I swim in St. Louis?

Where can I swim in St. Louis?

Post by hamilton russell » Thu, 01 Oct 1992 23:43:04

  I'll be in St. Louis from October 15-17 for a conference at
  Washington University. Is there a masters swim team there or
  nearby that I could workout with while I'm there? I'm 31,
  and typically do intervals sets of 1000 yds averaging 1:25/100yds,
  if that matters.




Where can I swim in St. Louis?

Post by Geoffrey Wayne Walle » Sat, 03 Oct 1992 10:51:16

I've been living in St. Louis my whole life and I've been swimming for 9
years, the past 8 have been with the Parkway Swim Club.  It's a USS team
but as far as I remember, it had a masters swim team.  If it doesn't,
there are plenty of other swim teams out there, too, with masters
swimming.  There's the Rockwood Swim Team, Clayton Shaw Park, a lot of
YMCA's, and other's I can't think of.  I'm not sure if Wash. U. has a
master's program, but if you contact Craig Penrose who coached the
masters team for Parkway, I'm sure he'll give you information.  He lives
in St. Charles, MO..  You can obtain his number from the  operator or
from the Parkway Swim Club office.  Hope this was any help.