Speed vs Height

Speed vs Height

Post by Robert Ca » Mon, 01 Aug 1994 20:04:27

I am curious about how the physical dimensions of a swimmer affect their
swimming performance, if all other aspects are equal.

A while ago I did some very simple analysis of the physics of swimming.
Because of the complexity of the problem I decided to find a relationship
of maximum swimming speed against height and muscle mass or strength.

This seemed to show two things:

1/ That for a normal weight swimmer increasing the fit and useful
muscle mass by 1 Kg would decrease their 100m FS time by 1 second.

2/ That if a normal size swimmer was to grow in height by 2 cm and
proportionally in fit muscle mass then their 100m FS time would
decrease by 1 second.

The real world is far more complicated than my simple analysis, and many
other factors are involved. I would not expect such a large effect in
longer distances, or at the extremes of height or weight.

However my curiosity is aroused and I am interested in finding out
the heights and weights with PBs of swimmers.

Perhaps someone has done some research already.

Anyone interested in contributing a few numbers??

If you do send some data then please include pool length & (yds or m).

Given enough data I will post an analysis of the data.

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