silicone swim cap

silicone swim cap

Post by Edmund G-W Lo » Fri, 04 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Wetting your hair will also prevent your hair from soaking up too much of
the chlorinated water. As far as damaging the hair, I think as long as you
be careful not have the cap tug on your hair when putting it on, it should be
ok. Also, when the cap starts to feel stickier and harder to put on, I would
suggest using some talc powder on it to rejuvinate(sp?) the elasticity. It
works great.

Hope this helps.

-- Edmund

: Just got my first silicone swim cap, and instructions read to wet the
: hair before putting cap on (to avoid it "popping" off while swimming).
: I always understood putting a cap on wet hair can damage the hair!  Does
: the cap really pop off?  This isn't for competition, just Masters swim.

: Thanks, Kirsten