ASCA, why so friendly with USS? My opinion.

ASCA, why so friendly with USS? My opinion.

Post by Don't Worr » Wed, 31 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Early in the summer John Leonard contacted myself and a fellow coach
about an article we had written concerning the money distribution in
the USS structure and where it was all going to.  It was an
informational article, using USS's own figures and put into
percentages.  Leonard called both of us, verifying that we would still
want it published as is, and if we wanted any changes in it.  We
wanted to be printed the way it was.  This phone call took place in
late May, early June, the article has still yet to be published.

My theory for the article not being published is because Mr. Leonard
and USS have begun to work out a joint venture concerning educating
coaches.  Because Mr. Leonard writes the majority of the educational
materials for ASCA, and receives royalties(I am only speculating
this), that this joint venture would be very profitable for him.  

George Block warned me about Ray Essick, and not to let him squelch my
criticism of him and USS, but now I wonder who to worry about.  If
ASCA is to remain an impartial organization, separate from our NGB,
than I now begin to wonder if Mr. Leonard is the best person to lead
or coaches organization.

Mr. Leonard, why have you chosen not to publish this article about
USS, and its allocations of funds?

ASCA, why have you become so friendly with USS?

That's my opinion, what's yours??

Brian D. Hindson
Indianapolis, IN.