Swimming World Cup - Day 1 Results

Swimming World Cup - Day 1 Results

Post by Kevin Franc » Sun, 07 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Hong Kong is currently hosting the first leg of the 1996 Swimming
World Cup which is being held this weekend (Jan 6/7). This is the
third year I've attended the event; the first time was notable
for Popov's presence and awesome performance; last year was
notable for the absence of Chinese swimmers but this weekend -
the Chinese were out in force, much to the delight of everyone

Interestingly, the primary sponsor for this leg of the short
course championships is Epson and they produced a very colourful
programme with a most eyecatching graphic on the front; certainly
the best swimming graphic I have ever come across. It was
probably no accident that the programme was liberally sprinkled
with adverts on their colour printers.

The Chinese team took 9 of the 17 events in the finals during the
first day of the 2 day championship (a summary of the results is
listed below). As the local Cable TV teams were also present,
this event should show up on sports channels in the near future.

Two World record holders were present and the possibility of new
records saw an almost sellout of the tickets. Although no new
World records were set, 3 new Hong Kong records were set by the
respective record holders - Mens 50M Butterfly 25.24 Arthur Li;
Mens 100M Ind. Medley 1:00.34 Billy Kwok & Womens 200M Backstroke
2:21.93 Kristina Koehler.

The Mens 400M Freestyle looked like a possible upset as HQ Shang
from China swam neck/neck with World record holder Danyon Loader.
As the distance progressed, we all got e***d even though it
didn't look like Danyon was trying too hard. Sure enough, 50M
from the end, he put on the power and romped home. Danyon held
the World record in 3:40.46; his time tonight was 3:47.88 and his
splits were 56.3/ 58.4/ 58.5 & 54.7

One race that got an unexpected roar from everyone present was in
the 100M Ind. Medley when Lifeng Zhao of China came up from
behind and snatched first place in 57.51

It was no accident that the press were out in force - the
presence of the very tall Jingyi Le, World record holder in the
Womens 50M (24.23) and 100M Freestyle (53.01) made sure of that.

The Womans 50M Freestyle was a mad scramble and the uncommon
style of Sara Hopkins reminded me of Janet Evans. It's fun when
you can recognise a swimmer by their style - it got Sara a well
deserved first place in 26.23 (in the e***ment I forgot to take
down Jingyi Le's time).

Interestingly, in both the Butterfly and the Backstroke sprint
distances, it was obvious that those swimmers who remained under
the water at least half the length of the pool from the start,
gained a good half to full body length advantage in the first
length - all you budding World champs and coaches - take note !
The Chinese used this well to their advantage and took the sprint
titles. I noticed in the Mens 50M Butterfly that Chengji Jiang
took only 3 strokes on his first length and the young Chinese
women swimmers had exceptionally fast movements which seemed to
catapult them under the water; the only thing lacking was gills
but perhaps we'll hear about them later.

Day 2 finals will be held tomorrow night but in the meantime, the
first place results for the finals held tonight (Sat Jan 6) were:

Mens   100M Freestyle     Chris Troeger  GER  00:49.33
Mens   400M Freestyle     Danyon Loader  NZL  03:47.88
Mens   100M Backstroke    K. Konnai      JPN  00:54.45
Mens    50M ***stroke  G. Schmid      USA  00:28.21
Mens   200M ***roke    Yiwu Yang      CHN  02:12.22
Mens    50M Butterfly     Chenji Jiang   CHN  00:24.33
Mens   200M Butterfly     D. Silantiev   UKR  01:56.17
Mens   100M Ind. Medley   Lifeng Zhao    CHN  00:57.51
Mens   400M Ind. Medley   T. Kinugasa    JPN  04:15.04

Womens  50M Freestyle     Sara Hopkins   GBR  00:26.23
Womens 200M Freestyle     Jingyi Le      CHN  01:57.63
Womens 800M Freestyle     Eri Yamanoi    JPN  08:32.24
Womens  50M Backstroke    Yuanyuan Jia   CHN  00:28.30
Womens 200M Backstroke    Yuanyuan Jia   CHN  02:09.03
Womens 100M ***stroke  Han Xue        CHN  01:08.11
Womens 100M Butterfly     Limin Liu      CHN  00:59.44
Womens 200M Ind. Medley   Chen Yan       CHN  02:13.78

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