Heart rate for swim and bike

Heart rate for swim and bike

Post by Gabor Csab » Fri, 22 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Hi !

I do triathlon just for fun, but I am aming to complete the olympic
distance in a good way this summer.I have used a HRM monitor for about
one year and I would like some advice about what heart rates to train
in. I have tested my AT HR on a treadmill and a test bike and found them
to be 186 and 180 respectively.

I do running at:
    - 160       warm up and cool down
170 - 175       steady state
180 - 185       AT training.

My question is what HR I should be in when I do my bike and swim
training? Is it possible to compare HR between run, swim and bike. It is
rather cold here in sweden now, so I do my swim training in an indoors
pool and my bike training on a Turbo-trainer. Another question is if one
should train at same HR on the Turbo-trainer as when biking outdoors.


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