Effects of Cold Water

Effects of Cold Water

Post by Beam » Fri, 24 May 1996 04:00:00

Next week, my son's swim team moves from their usual indoor heated pool to
an outdoor 50 meter pool for the remainder of the long course season. Last
year, we had an unusually cold and cloudy June and the water temperature
didn't get much above the low 70s for a couple of weeks. As a result, he
came out really freezing, and almost got to the point of hating to go to
practice...something which has never happened before or since.

My questions:

Does anybody have reliable information regarding cold water workouts and
what temperature it is safe &/or reasonable to swim in?

I seem to remember a post which stated that heat loss actually accelerates
if you exercise vigorously in cold water. Can anyone verify this?

I also seem to remember a post which said that heat loss in cold water is
worse for younger boys. (My son is 11 y/o, about 40 kg) Especially if they
are thin. (He has little adipose.)

Any help?

Andy Beamer


Effects of Cold Water

Post by Hans Elzerma » Fri, 28 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Swimming in cold water may result in a decrease of core body
temperature, influencing perfromance and possibly health. Young
children are likely to suffer most, as their body surface (the area
over which they loose heat) is relatively large. Lying still in
water reduces body teperature less, because a small layer of water
around the body will warm up and diminish temperature loss. Any
movement will disturb this and more strenous exercise results in
keeping bodt teperature up, because production of heat increases
with exercise intensity. Probably a water temperature of at least
24 degrees celcius is necessary to keep body teperature stable in
children of normal physique. Long term swimming at this temperature
will still decrease body temperature (eg longer than one hour)

Anyone interested in further discussion on this topic?? Please