Club contacts

Club contacts

Post by Holger Rabba » Sat, 21 May 1994 09:00:00

Hello World,

because of some trouble with my hardware and because of routing problems
with my home mailbox, it seems that my message concerning club contacts 2
months ago didn't get through to you. So, here is what I had, and still
have, to say:

I'm the technical director of a medium sized club in Germany. We are looking
for contacts to other swimmimg clubs all over the world for competitions,
visits etc. . What we think of is to establish a regular exchange with one
or two clubs who want to come and visit us (and have a competition, of
course) and who are then going to invite *us* to come and visit them.

If you are interested in establishing such a contact, please answer. If you
are a member of a club that might be interested, ask your club officials for
a statement and mail it to me. We hope for lots of answers.

Well, that's all for now. More information can be given if you reply.

Bye, Holger

* Holger Rabbach, technical director of OTV swimming division *

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