Day 2 Results/Swimming World Cup 97

Day 2 Results/Swimming World Cup 97

Post by Kevin Franc » Mon, 06 Jan 1997 04:00:00

The results for the 2nd and final day of the Swimming World Cup 1997 held
in Hong Kong today (5/1/97) were :

        WOMEN                                MEN

Event 18  100M Freestyle           Event 19  200M Freestyle
 Nian Yun           CHN  55.15      Michael Klim       AUS  1:45.58
 Claudia Poll       CRC  55.49      E Brembilla        ITA  1:49.56
 Simone Osygus      GER  55.72      Shang Hengqing     CHN  1:49.72

Event 20  50M ***roke           Event 21  100M ***roke
 Manuela Naeckel    GER  32.65      Marek Krawczyk     POL  1:01.77
 Emma Igelstron     SWE  32.66      Mark Warnecke      GER  1:01.82
 Kahori Sato        JPN  32.73      D. Fioravanti      ITA  1:02.49

Event 22  400M Individual Medley   Event 23  100M Butterfly
 Yasuko Tajima      JPN  2:39.72    Michael Klim       AUS  52.95
 Sabine Herbst      GER  2:42.83    Denis Silantiev    UKR  53.12
 F. Bissoli         ITA  2:48.97    Scott Goodman      AUS  53.50

Event 24  100M Backstroke          Event 25  50M Backstroke
 Chen Yan           CHN  1:01.13    Adrian Radley      AUS  24.93
 Meredith Smith     AUS  1:01.25    Tomislav Karlo     CRO  25.24
 Lu Donghua         CHN  1:01.77    M. Siembida        POL  25.38

Event 26  200M Butterfly           Event 27  200M Individual Medley
 Hsieh Shutzu       TPE  2:15.05    Mathew Dunn        AUS  1:57.55
 Noriko Maekawa     JPN  2:15.29    Marcel Wouda       NED  1:57.88
 Hsieh Shuting      TPE  2:16.56    C. Keller          GER  1:58.65

Event 28  400 Freestyle            Event 29  50M Freestyle
 Claudia  Poll      CRC  4:05.31    Sion Brinn         JAM  22.75
 Luna Wang          CHN  4:06.46    Zhao Lifeng        CHN  22.99
 K Vlieghuis        NED  4:12.01    M. Von Bodungen    SWE  23.15

Event 30  200M ***roke          Event 31  800M Freestyle
 Wang Wei           CHN  2:28.20    Jorg Hoffman       GER  7:40.22
 Alenka Kejzar      SLO  2:28.54    E. Brembilla       ITA  7:53.80
 Brigitte Becue     BEL  2:30.23    Ian Wilson         GBR  7:54.76

Event 32  100M Individual Medley   Event 33  200M Backstroke
 M. Limpert         CAN  1:02.75    Adrian Radley      AUS  1:57.27
 Sabine Herbst      GER  1:03.18    Nicolae Butacu     ROM  1:57.63
 Natasa Kejzar      SLO  1:04.01    Adam Ruckwood      GBR  1:58.12

Event 34   50M Butterfly
 Diane Buiduyet     FRA  27.37
 Sarah Ryan         AUS  28.42
 T. Alshamma        SWE  28.55

Note that Event 7 results on Day 1 should read 100M Backstroke and not
100M ***roke.

Ok - so what were the highlights of this 2 day event ?

Well, other than the fact that it the first time I had ever taken a
laptop to the pool, there were no new world swimming records but a
string of local national records were set. The closest that anyone came
to appearing to set a new world record was when Jorg Hoffman in his
distinctive blue body suit started with a blistering pace in the Men's
800 Freestyle. He had everyone on edge trying to extrapolate his likely
time but it just wasn't his day.

Claudia Poll had almost a clean sweep of all events she had entered but
got pipped in the 100M Freestyle. As Claudia was the only representative
from Costa Rica and being 6' 2" tall, she could easily be seen***
around the 1M diving platform with her manager.

Michael Klim from Australia gave a great performance to take the 100M &
100M Freestyle and the 50M & 100M Butterfly events and should be watched
in the future.

The Men's IM provided the usual dilemna. Would the winner of the 100M or
the winner of the 400M IM win the 200M IM ? Dunn beat Keller in the 100M
but Keller beat Dunn in the 400M. To find out what happened, simply
study the results.

Diane Buiduyet from France spent the first lap underwater and half of
the second lap underwater in the 50M Butterfly event to win the final in

And finally, the most memorable finish was when Yasuko Tajima from Japan
took the 200M & 400M IM. She was so happy that she bowed to a Judge and
the timekeepers after the race. It makes you wonder whether this little
sign of appreciation might catch on in the swimming fraternity and what
effect it might have on future times and placings !