Post by Brad Co » Thu, 15 Oct 1992 03:51:55

Hello all,

        Last night at our Master's workout, a guy who owns a triathlete
store in town brought in a really neat stopwatch for swimming. It fits
on the outside of your goggles. You press the outside, and it stops
and starts. By careful positioning, you can see all digits *while you
are swimming*! It is placed in the peripheral vision area, and uses a
built in lens to make it legible. The designer is a swimmer who has
been trying to build this for nine years.  The guy who tried it out
last night had no problems seeing it at night, outdoors, with smoke
goggles. Cost is $30, and it is designed to last 2 years. This item
might become as indispensable as goggles are for fitness / competitive

Just in time for Christmas!

                                                                Brad Cote'
                                                                University of California, San Diego
                                                                STARE Project

Disclaimer: I have no connection with the manufacturer, nor am I in
the sports equipment business. I also haven't used it myself, but that
will change this week. Full personal report to follow.