No. of B.S. Kicks Per 25 yds.?

No. of B.S. Kicks Per 25 yds.?

Post by Al Boye » Thu, 22 Sep 1994 03:49:10

I'm having difficulty improving the efficiency of my ***stroke kick.
After a weak -to- moderate pushoff from the wall, it usually takes me 12 to
13 kicks for a 25 yd pool length using a kick board. I also practice on my
back with arms extented overhead and in that manner can cover the distance
in 7-8 kicks because of the streamlining and excessive amount of glide
that can ensue after the kick. The most efficient kicker I've observed
could traverse the distance in 8 kicks ( with a board ) using what I would
call" prolonged glide".

Any advice on how to improve? How many kicks is typical out there in AQUA-
NETLAND for someone trying to use the fewest kicks ,ie, maximum glide and slow
kicking frequency ...using a kick board in a 25 yd pool ?


No. of B.S. Kicks Per 25 yds.?

Post by ELVINCEN » Thu, 22 Sep 1994 09:36:06


I am a  51 yr old usta-wuz masters swimmer. I do  the 200 yd *** in the
high 2:40s. I do most of my *** stroke kicking drills without a board.
When my kick feels strong I do the 25 yd length after a
push/glide-pull/glide-kick/glide in 7-8 kicks. If I do 9 or more I know I
am in trouble. Some times I try kicking for distance with a board and can
do 25 yards on 2 kicks with exaggerated glide. When I do pull only, it
takes about 9 pulls. When I put the whole stroke together I still take 8
strokes. Who can figure. I believe doing various drills and counting
strokes per length will increase your efficientcy


No. of B.S. Kicks Per 25 yds.?

Post by John E. Pilg » Fri, 23 Sep 1994 21:57:49

At last a topic I can respond to without worrying about
splashing Soy sauce.

I'm pleased to find others interested in discussing ***-
stroke technique and efficiency.  I also think that certain
persons' bodies are naturally adapted to certain strokes rather
than others.  For example I've never been able to flutter kick
even 10 yards but I can do 50 yards *** kick in under a minute.

Especially important to me is the balance between the stroke and
the kick contribution.  The last time I specifically timed them
(at age 61) I was able to kick 50 yards without board in 49 secs
but only improve it to 46 secs with the full stroke and kick.
Both were with an in water pushoff.  I've never timed just stroking
but since it takes me 23-25 strokes (without a float) I'm sure it
be well over a minute.

This is the first chance I've had to see how much my style contrasted
with others.  If anyone else has similar comparisons I'd love to
hear them.