Underwater video of Penny Heyns Atlanta 1996 Olympics

Underwater video of Penny Heyns Atlanta 1996 Olympics

Post by Donald Graf » Wed, 30 Aug 2000 09:58:00

Greetings, group members. I am back with another in my series of
swimming videos for your enjoyment. It is my strong belief that
the best way to learn is to study the greats. Coaching fads and
theories come and go, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

The current series is from the Atlanta 1996 Olympics. I regret that my
tapes are poor so the video quality is not the best; however, it is quite
good enough to study the action.

The next clip is of Penny Heyns winning the gold medal in the
100m ***stroke. The clip is at
The main website is given below. (Note: xoom is weird. You'll
load the page and it says done and you think the page is blank.
But it is still downloading so if you are patient, the page WILL come

One important caveat: Don't try to play these files directly
from the website; they are not streaming video. Right click on the
links and download them to your hard drive. Then play from there.
A great idea is to download all the clips and save them on a
CD, from which they can be played back and studied at will.

A great solution for playing these is PowerDVD (and I am sure
other DVD players will work just as well). Place it in its
file mode and specify the file in the play list. You can change the playback
speed as desired. To see the original tempo, play at double speed.
A good option for single-stepping and slowing down the speed
is WebFlix Pro. You can also use the freeware VirtualDub for
single-stepping. Be aware when stepping that these clips are slowed down
to about half-speed by doubling frames. An option for those people
with slow computers is to get a hardware MPEG decoder
card. I have the RealMagic Hollywood+ and am very happy with it.
It allows full 30 fps playback as well as providing a video out connector.

Donald Graft
Swimming Videos