Waterproof walkmans (summary of responses)

Waterproof walkmans (summary of responses)

Post by Kemi Jo » Sat, 26 Jun 1993 22:30:06

I've received a number of requests for the information I obtained about
waterproof walkmans, so I'm posting a summary.

Here are two vendors who supply waterproof walkmans, or waterproof bags to
put your Walkman in while swimming.  I called both vendors and both seemed
helpful and eager to send out product information.  Also included below is
a warning from a person whose friend had a similar unit and didn't like it.


Try World-Wide Aquatics 1-800-726-1530

Item #ATWSB Aquatunes   $49.95
(Radio/Cassette Player not provided)


There's a company called Hydrophonics that makes stuff like this.  They
have two basic products:

1.  waterproof am/fm/cassette walkman designed for pool use.  $225.  All
controls easily accessible.

2.  waterproof pouch for your own walkman.  not as convenient, since it's
hard to change stations, adjust volume etc.  (Don't know if this is the
AquaTunes product you mentioned.)

The phone number of Hydrophonics is (818) 893-0788.  The fellow to talk to
there is Mike Silverman.


And a warning from someone whose friend had one:

He ended up getting rid of it.  He even tried to give it away but
nobody wanted it after what he said.  Apparently it worked OK if
you were kicking and your head is always out of the water.  But
when he tried it when he was swimming, he couldn't hear it very
well.  The sound from the splash of the water kept drowning out the
music.  He could also hear it OK when he was pushed off of the walls
and he was underwater.  But with his head constantly rotating so that
his ears were in and out of the water, it was too hard to hear it.

Hope this is helpful,



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