USMS 1995 SC National Results posted

USMS 1995 SC National Results posted

Post by Hop Bail » Wed, 02 Aug 1995 04:00:00

The 1995 USMS Short Course National Results are
posted on the USMS anonymous ftp archive site.
The results are posted as they were submitted.
The format is ascii text in a space delimited
two column format. This format makes for difficult
reviewing and I will try to find the time
to convert it to a single column format. I'm sure
there are folks out there who would like to see
it NOW, however, and they will be willing to
suffer a little.

The USMS site is (
Log in as anonymous and use your email address as a

The results are posted in /archive/pub/National_results/1995/SC
Sorry about the long path.    

If you have meet results or other data of interest to USMS
swimmmers please post them to this site in the    
directory and notify me by email with a brief description of
the submission.


Hop Bailey