Olympic stuff

Olympic stuff

Post by Donal Fag » Sun, 17 Sep 2000 04:00:00

I watched the opening ceremonies.  Do Costas and Couric
have to prattle constantly?  Other than that it was fun to

Afterwards, I actually saw Jim Morris demonstrating his
electronic shark repellent during a brief Olympic report on
the Discovery channel.  Even though there have never been
shark attacks in September, because the harbor water's too
cold, they want to make the triathletes feel safe.  In fact,
the announcer said there have been very few attacks overall.

Speaking of the harbor, I once attended a lecture comparing
Jorn, or Joern, Utzon's Opera House with Charles Garnier's
Opera de Paris.  Off topic, but since they'll show the
Sydney Opera House a few hundred times in the next few
weeks, I thought you might want to know something about it.

The Opera House is actually an Arts Complex, containing a
variety of performance spaces.  To win the design
competition, Utzon conceived of intersecting spherical
slices to represent sails in Sydney's harbor.  The design
was politically controversial, causing parliamentary
debates.  The vaults have little relationship to the actual
spaces required for theatrical or musical performance, so
the striking design was criticised by architectural critics
as irrational.  

Also, the Opera House was estimated at $7 million in 1960
but cost over $70 million to complete, some of which had to
be raised in public lotteries.  Nevertheless the Opera
House is one of the most instantly recognizable buildings
on the planet.  I wonder how expensive it is to maintain?