* Canadian Masters swimming FAQ * (repost from July 28)

* Canadian Masters swimming FAQ * (repost from July 28)

Post by David Tr » Tue, 09 Aug 1994 21:27:21

                        MASTERS  SWIMMING CANADA  (MSC)

                        "Fun, fitness, friendship and participation"

        A warm welcome to all the Canadian Masters swimmers.  In this first attempt at
a general on-line info source for Canadian Masters,  I will attempt to answer
some basic questions about Masters swimming.
        Actually, I have to qualify my first statement.  Lynn Marshall

world-wide open-water swims for some time. As well, John Dugan , a.k.a.

FAQ on swimming with much info of interest to Masters. I will not attempt to
duplicate the material in their postings. As well, some readers have close ties
to various Masters groups (like Julie Paque with USMS ) or are experts in an
area of swimming and tend to quickly answer any queries brought up in this
newsgroup. You are all doing a great job!

        The feedback that I receive from this FAQ may help determine the future of
what will appear on the 'net' in the future.  I had a phone chat with Alex
Herman, MSC President, last week and got his official blessing of this project.
However, since he has just started a month of vacation (July 25th onward), I
guess 'anything goes'. Well, almost anything!

        Some of you may recognize my name as the editor (quick switch of 'hats') of
the MSC News, the official newsletter of Masters Swimming Canada.  The 'MSC
News' is produced in English and French (approx. 6500 copies in total) and is
distributed to all registered Masters swimmers via bulk mailout to registered
clubs. Copies for unattached swimmers are mailed to your provincial section for
distribution. Please contact Jackie Spry, MSC Secretary,  (see address below)
if you are a registered Masters swimmer in your province and have not been
receiving the MSC News.  Jackie may soon be hooked onto the 'electronic
highway'... I'll fill you in when she gets on-line.

        Giving me feedback via the electronic highway is an easy and fast way to help
me produce a newsletter and net service that suits your needs. I really do
listen to your input.  I welcome articles (for the MSC News and the net) on any
aspect of Masters swimming. In the Fall issue of MSC News, I especially
encourage submissions on your Masters club...it's history, what you do for fun,
why your coach is the greatest,  or special people within your club. You can
always contact me using regular mail and phone service at:
                        David Tree
                        University of New Brunswick (Physics Dept.)
                        P.O. Box 4400,  Fredericton, New Brunswick  
                        Canada   E3B 5A3
                        (506)453-4723  ext.7943(voicemail)    (506)453-4581 Fax

        I have also provided the names and addresses of a Masters swimming contact in
each province should you need more info about registration, swim meets,  or
clubs. Don't hesitate to drop a line if I have forgotten something important. I
will never be able to cover every topic, so let's figure out what you want to
see as a regular posting. I have the USMS Handbook and a whole bunch of other
'goodies' so don?t hesitate to contact me if you need some info or an address.
I love keeping in touch with oodles of Canadian, USMS and international
Masters. In my capacity as editor of the MSC News, I have really appreciated
the support and assistance of many experienced many keen people, especially
those who publish Masters articles, newsletters, and magazines in Canada, the
US , the UK, New Zealand and Australia. Feel free to 'borrow' material from
this FAQ for newsletters (or flyers/ promotional stuff, etc.) , but please
acknowledge the source.

The following is a rough index of the topics that may follow now (or in the
near future):

* What the heck is Masters swimming in Canada all about ?????  (this issue)
*       Masters Swimming Canada (MSC) is here to serve YOU!!!    (this issue)
*       A few words from the President of MSC   (this issue)
* Upcoming meets (send me the info about your meets PLEASE !)
*       Pool etiquette for Masters swim practices     (this issue)
*       Editor?s comments about Worlds in Montreal (this issue)
*       Addresses of contacts in each province    (this issue)
*       Up-to-date Canadian Masters swimming records   (soon???)
*       Good Masters-related books and magazines (this issue)
*       Address/ phone #'s of swim suit/equipment suppliers (this issue)
*       Motivational swimming-related sayings  from an earlier posting (next issue)
*       FINA news  (this issue)
*       news/ meets from other countries  (coming soon)
*       The 'Unsung Heroes'  - volunteers who make Masters swimming possible (Very
important and coming soon! Please send details about your 'unsung hero')

        Let me know what else I should include. This posting conntinues not to turnout
quite as it looks on my Macintosh computer in MicroSoft Word. Bear with
me...sooner or later, I'll get it right. Be warned...i f you complain too much,
I'll find a job for you!

        I'd like to compile a list of all Canadian Masters swimmers (along with their
club, address and phone #) who have access to the net. Please drop a line!
Sure makes it easier for me in the future if I have at least one 'electronic'
contact in every major centre across the country. Actually,  I welcome input
from Masters from everywhere...had great fun at Worlds meeting people that I
had previously only known from the net.

        An  article I would like to publish very soon is one filled with your thoughts
on the 1994 FINA Masters Swimming Championships in Montreal. Write a paragraph
or a page. The article can be light-hearted or critical. If I don't get any
submissions, I will write my own...come on...pull up that keyboard! And don?t
forget to send in an article about an 'unsung hero' in your Masters
organization D I think it is really important to make sure these dedicated
people get a 'thank you' from all of us.

Enough background stuff, let's answer a few questions about Masters swimming in


     What is Masters Swimming?
        Very simply, Masters swimming is a successful blend of fitness and competitive
friendship, and participation ! Those individuals who find it difficult to
stick to a self-imposed keep-fit routine will find it easier to stick with a
Masters swimming program.

     How does it differ from other swimming programs?
        Masters swimming is based on regular, structured workouts using techniques of
interval training similar to those used in successful fitness and competitive
swim programs all over the world.

     Who can join?
        Anyone 20 years of age and over who has basic swimming ability and can
comfortably swim a few lengths of the pool. It is NOT necessary to have
previous experience in competitive swimming. There are well over 6000
registered Masters Swimmers in Canada. In fact, there are twice as many
Canadian Masters swimmers  vs. USMS based on population.

     Are there competitive opportunities?
        Yes! There are club meets, a provincial championship, national championships,
and numerous international championships. Competition is in five-year
age-groups, starting at age 20, with no upper age limit. Heats are seeded
according to entry times and results are sorted by age-group. Relays are scored
on total-age basis.

     Does everyone have to compete?
        No ! You may swim just to keep in shape. You may choose to measure your
progress by the increased distances you swim, the time you take, the fewer rest
periods you need, and your general feeling of well-being after a workout. Heck,
you might even swim just to meet some of the nice people involved in Masters

     How do I join?
        Check the list (see below) for the contact in your province or check out a
club close to where you live. The MSC Secretary, Jackie Spry, would be pleased
to answer any Masters-related questions that I have not covered. Masters
swimmers who wish to compete must register with their provincial Masters
swimming office. The registration fees vary from province to province. (I will
post any rates or other info sent to me by the Executive of any provincial
Masters group.)  You may register as an unattached swimmer if you are unable to
train with an existing Masters club. Registering as a Masters swimmer provides
several benefits (i.e. MSC is developing Masters programs to improve Masters
coaching, fitness and its first handbook) even to the non-competitive swimmer.
I also have info on how to start a club if there are no clubs in your region
(no, I won?t help build a pool for you!)

        Masters Swimming Canada (MSC) became an incorporated body in early 1994. There
is one official representative from each province. Each Board member has one
vote, regardless of the population of their particular province. The Board
meets  face-to-face twice each year, with teleconferences scheduled as
necessary. Several new committees have been initiated including: Fitness,
Masters Coaching, and Handbook. Watch for periodic updates from the MSC Board.

        The first MSC Rulebook was first (and only to date) published in 1993 with
copies being sent to every registered club in Canada. Two issues of the MSC
News have been published and distributed to every member via bulk mailouts to
each club. (please contact Jackie Spry, MSC Secretary, if you did not receive
these productions). Remember, these publications are available in English and
French...contact Jackie if you have been receiving material in the wrong

        Jackie Spry     MSC Executive Secretary
        P.O. Box 526,  Elmsdale, NS   B0N 1M0          
        (902)   883-8833  (voice mail/fax)      

        The objects of the corporation (MSC) are:

1.      To promote physical fitness and well-being through regular swimming training
        over the *** life span;
2.      To provide educational assistance and support designed to ensure safe
training        programmes and techniques which furnish the motivational spur
necessary for   continued participation;
3.      To co-ordinate the activities of and provide opportunities for individuals,
        primarily through clubs, to meet together for social interaction, friendship
and     understanding;
4.      To provide competitive opportunities for Masters Swimming in Canada;
5.      To draw up, publish, administer and enforce the rules and regulations
governing       Masters Swimming at the national level in co-operation with
Swimming/ Natation      Canada;
6.      To enhance public awareness and support of Masters Swimming;
7.      To stimulate and co-operate in research designed to investigate the benefits
and     effects of sustained exercise programs, specifically swimming, on ***
health and      the aging process.

        Etiquette for Masters Swimmers (Remember these are just guidelines.
        Adjustments will be necessary for every pool/club.)

        Here are a few helpful hints:
     Help set the pool up for workouts. Put in lane ropes, get out the kickboards,
pull-   buoys, etc.
     If you are late, warm up on deck (or in a vacant lane), then start the
workout at the  same point the rest of the swimmers in your lane have reached.
     Swim in a circle within each lane, staying off the centre line. Usually,
alternate       lanes swim clockwise and counter-clockwise. This is so you will be
swimming        alongside people going in the same direction, which helps reduce
     Within a lane, swimmers should arrange themselves for each set with the
fastest         swimmer leading and the slower at the back. It is the lead swimmer?s
duty to         ensure that the lane keeps to the pace time.
     Allow 5 or 10 seconds between yourself and the swimmer ahead of you when
        swimming repeats.
     If you need to pass another swimmer (especially in a distance set D 400 m or
        more),  touch the toes of the swimmer (once!) as a signal that you wish to
pass.   The swimmer ahead should pause at the end of the length and allow you to
     As you approach the wall for a turn, cautiously ease over so that you can
push off        in a straight line.
     Swim the workout as given/posted/directed. Don?t initiate your own workout
        unless others in your lane and the coach agree. If you are not doing the same
        things as the rest of your lane, do not interfere with what they are doing.
Swim    ahead or behind, or move to another lane!
     When resting at the end of the pool, move to the side of the lane so that
others  may turn freely without fear of injuring you or themselves.
     At the end of the workout, help put away the equipment.
     Don?t be afraid to smile!  (Smiles are contagious.)

   Special thanks to the Masters Swimming Association of British Columbia
(MSABC) and to the Masters Swimming Committee in New Brunswick for permission
to adopt material from their guides.  Competitive swimmers might be interested
to know that the 1995 Canadian Masters Swimming Championships will be held in
Victoria.  See below.


UPCOMING MEETS (this section still under development)
        Remember though, the vast majority of Masters swimmers in Canada participate
in one or  fewer meets each year.  There is no obligation to compete, however,
it can be a lot of fun. I went to Worlds this year knowing full-well that I
would be very lucky if wasn?t last in my age-group.  Meets are a great place to
meet people, especially since most meets have a social event afterwards. I'd
love to hear about any swim meets that were especially fun for you, even though
you didn?t win anything.

***Canadian Masters Championships May 19-22,  1995 - Victoria***
J. Woodward, Registration Secretary, 1691 Garnet Road
Victoria, BC   V8P 3C9     Phone (604) 477-7986

***Canadian Masters Championships May 17-20, 1996 - Winnipeg***
Swim Manitoba, 224-200 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba  R3C 4M2
phone (204) 985-4132    Fax (204)985-4028

Message from the President of Masters Swimming Canada (MSC) - Dr. Alex Herman
(as published in the first issue of the MSC News in the fall 1993)

In 1992 MSC conducted a survey of Masters swimming across Canada
with the aim of determining the profile of the typical Canadian
Masters swimmers - their likes - dislikes - reasons for swimming -
etc.  From the survey MSC confirmed a profile we all suspected.
Masters swimmers are definitely not a `competitive' group.  Of the
6000 swimmers registered in Canada - 60% attend only 1-2 meets per
year - 20% attend no meets at all - and the remaining 20% attend
more than 2 meets per year.  As for their reasons for swimming - at
the top of the list was `fitness' - next was `social' -
`competition' was at the bottom of the list.  Our primary purpose
for swimming Masters is `social fitness'- even meets are becoming
social events.  The purpose of the MSC Survey was to provide us
with guidance as to the needs of our Canadian Masters swimmers and
the direction of development of MSC programs.  If your club wishes
to have a copy of the 1992 MSC Survey for some light and
interesting reading - simply contact the MSC National Office or
your Provincial Masters.

What programs are being developed at MSC?  Survey feedback
indicated the need for better communication from the National body
- and to that end MSC now has a Publications Committee - or rather
`network' - its first task was this Newsletter.  Our Fitness
Committee is developing programs for swimming with medical problems
- asthma, arthritis, cardiac, etc.  Another major task at MSC will
be the development of Coaching Certification.  Most Canadian
Masters Clubs employ Age Group coaches for their swimmers - and
although highly skilled with coaching our Canadian youth - Canadian
coaches are trained to deal with our older or senior swimmers.  How
does one coach a Masters swimmer with an arthritic shoulder or
knee? with asthsma or a heart problem?  Our injuries and illnesses
are far more numerous and serious.

These are some of the programs underway or commencing - and all due
to the efforts of volunteers.  Our entire National organization is
simply that - a group of volunteers - all Masters swimmers
themselves.  Why else? - 'you meet the finest people in Masters


EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS,  etc...  (please send me your recommendations)

Canadian Suppliers  :-)  the US exchange rate is pretty poor right now!!!!

Team Stranco Ltd.,      (see their two page ad in the latest MSC News)
Unit #201 D 1305 Welch Street
North Vancouver, BC  V7P 1B3    
(604) 980-2805         fax  (604) 980-01965

Diffusion Aquasport
8059, Boul. St-Michel
Montreal, QC   H1Z 3C9
800 567-6660           fax (514) 374-5411

DDD          DDDD       DDD    DDD

US Mail Order Equipment Suppliers

Here is a list of other equipment suppliers. They all have catalogues available
on request. The 800-numbers work in Canada. I know there are many other
companies out there...please send detail of any companies that you have dealt

     TYR                                     714 897-0799

     THE FINALS                      800 431-9111

     Adolp Kiefer & Associates           800-323-4071
        4211 Highway 173
        Zion, IL  60099

     Swimskin                                800-341-0246
        675 Forest Ave.
        Portland, ME   04103

     Competitive Aquatic Supply
        15131 Triton Lane #116
        Huntington Beach, CA  92649

     Kastaway Swim Wear, Inc.
        9356 Cincinnati-Columbus Rd.
        Cincinnati, OH   45241

     ISHOF Mail Order, Inc.                  800-431-9111
        One Hall of Fame Drive
        Fort Lauderdale, FL  33316

     USA Aquatics                            800-445-USA1
        400 Hillsborough St.
        Raleigh, NC   27607

     World Wide Aquatics                     800-726-1530
        10500 University Centre Drive  
        Suite 250, Tampa, FL   33612

        Masters News from FINA
        (Federation internationale de natation amateur)

        I don't have the report from the FINA Masters Committee meeting in Montreal
yet. I've heard a few rumours (and a bit of grumbling) about several things
that were discussed . I'll pass the info along as soon as I get it in writing.
Our Canadian rep is Bruce Rogers, who also happens to be the Honorary Secretary
of the FINA Masters Committee. (Bruce will send me the info when it is

        FINA Masters rules begin with the following paragraph:" The Masters program
shall promote fitness, friendship and understanding through swimming, diving,
water polo, synchro swimming and long distance swimming among those competitors
with a minimum age of 25 years". (Of course,  Masters swimming starts at age 20
in Canada for national, regional and local competition. At age 19 in the US and
at age 25 in the UK.)

        The FINA Masters Swimming Committee met for the first time in Montreal in
October 1992. Members (appointed for the 1992-96 period) include: Doug Scales -
Chairman (Great Britian); Julio Maglione - FINA Hon. Treasurer (Uruguay); Artie
Shaw- FINA Bureau Liaison (New Zealand);  Bruce Rogers - Secretary (Canada);
June Krauser (United States); Tom Logan (new Zealand); Arthur Knudsen (Norway);
Lin Min Shan (Chinese Taipei); Don Blew (Australia); Sergei Ferenko (Ukraine);
Niane Sadate (Senegal); Daniel Marzeroli (Uruguay); and Birger Kivela

        Masters activities are now an integral part of FINA and consequently also a
responsibility of the FINA Member Federations. The responsibility of the
National Federation is a consequence of the FINA Constitution which states in C
5.3 that each Member shall acknowledge in its national rules that FINA is the
only recognised body in the world which governs Swimming, Diving, Water Polo,
Synchronised Swimming and Masters internationally.
        Among the objectives of FINA we find that FINA shall promote and encourage the
development of Swimming in all possible manifestations throughout the world.
When we then see that one of the obligations of Federations is to support FINA
in its efforts to achieve its objectives, it becomes very clear that it is a
responsibility of all National Federations to engage themselves in Masters.
        It is of vital importance that all information regarding Masters gets down to
the individual participant...which is why I have started this FAQ  :-)

Masters Guide Under Preparation
        With the rules covering all Masters disciplines virtually completed and
detailed in the latest edition of the FINA Handbook, the Masters Swimming
Committee have recently been concentrating their efforts on producing a guide
for the "Conduct of Masters Swimming Events". This will not only cover detailed
administrative procedures for the running of World Masters Swimming
Championships, but will also be a valuable guide to the running of Masters
events in general. When finalized, it is to be published by the FINA office.

Sheffield to host 1996 Worlds
        At the FINA Bureau Meeting held recently in Taipei, Sheffield was awarded the
6th World Masters Swimming Championships. It will be the first time that the
event has been staged in Europe. Swimming, diving, water polo and synchronized
swimming will be held at the magnificent Ponds Forge International Sports
Centre in the heart of Sheffield. This attractive venue and the magnificent
facilities available, promises to make the Championships a memorable event. The
Open Water 5 km will be staged in the regatta lake of the Holme Pierrepont
National Water Sports Centre. Situated close to the city of Nottingham, the
Centre is one of the most comprehensive water sports facilities in the world.
        If you are curious about the Sheffield area, please contact: Distination
Sheffield Visitor and Conference Bureau, Leader House, Surrey Street,
Sheffield, S1 2LH, England.    

FINA Masters Guide Under Preparation

        With the rules covering all Masters disciplines virtually completed and
detailed in the latest edition of the FINA Handbook, the Masters Swimming
Committee have recently been concentrating their efforts on producing a guide
for the "Conduct of Masters Swimming Events". This will not only cover detailed
administrative procedures for the running of World Masters Swimming
Championships, but will also be a valuable guide to the running of Masters
events in general. When finalised, it is to be published by the FINA office.


                              MSC Swimming Directory  
                (I've just updated this, so info should be a bit more reliable)

Executive Committee:
President D Alex Herman
Vice-Prez D Brian Turnbull
Treasurer D Martha Saunders
Secretary D Jim Edgar

Directors (Class 1)
Alberta  D Jim Edgar
British Columbia D Mary Lou Monteith
Manitoba D Brian Turnbull
New Brunswick D Brendan Smyth
NF/LabradorD Fiona Grant
Nova Scotia D Ian McGill
Ontario D Geoff Camp
PEID George Lyle
Quebec D Roger Massy
Saskatchewan D Janis Sherriff

Executive Secretary D Jackie Spry  (salaried position)
SNC Board Liaison D  Ed Evelly
SNC Staff Liaison D Ian Curry

Berger, Christian   MSC Records Recorder        1130 rue Emma, Longeueil, QC  J4J
3A3             (514)   646-2555 (home)

Camp, Geoff     D Director (Ontario)   75 Mill Street South, Brampton, ON              L6Y 1S9
                                           (905)566-3365 (home) 566-3438 (fax)

Edgar, Jim      Secretary/ Director (AB)        18 Edgeburn Cres., N.W., Calgary, AB
                T3A 4H9 (403)547-0510 (home)    

Grant, Fiona    Director (Newfoundland) Box 23054,  Churchill Sq. P.O.,
                St. John?s NF   A1B 4J9        (709)754-9140 (bus.)       754-5268(fax)

Herman, Alex    MSC President, 690 Old Sackville Rd. Lr. Sackville  NS B4C 2K3
                (902)   865-5849 (home) 883-8833 (fax)

Lyle, George    Director (P.E.I.)       290 Water St., Summerside PEI   C1N 4Y8
                (902)436-8741(W)        436-4296(fax)   436-4072 (h)

Massy, Roger    Director (Quebec)       6987 Levesque, Anjou, QC   H1K 2P6      
                (514)   354-8591 (h)    633-6482 (bus.)         633-6129 (fax)

McGill, Ian     Director (Nova Scotia)  P.O. Box 1331, Pictou   NS     B0K 1H0              
                                           (902)485-8701 (h)    485-4049(fax- c/o
Mrs. S. McGill)

Monteith, Mary Lou      Director (B. C.)        2363 Seine Road, Duncan, B.C.   V9L
3B2             (604)748-0527 (home)            

Saunders, Martha        Director (N.B.) 700 Kings College Rd., Fredericton NB E3B
2G9             (506)457-2130 (home)     452-7712(work) 450-2619 (fax)

Sherriff, Janis   Director (Sask) 69 Dogwood Place, Regina,SK    S4S 5A1
                (306)  586-6529

Spry, Jackie    MSC Executive Secretary P.O. Box 526,  Elmsdale, NS   B0N
1M0             (902)                                                        883-8833
(voice mail/fax)        

Turnbull, Brian Director (MB)    798 Jubilee Ave., Winnipeg, MB   R3L
1P9             (204)   284-3027 (h)            475-4587 (fax - c/o Bob Groff)


                 Current MSC Committees (1994-95)

If you need to get in touch with someone whose name is not listed above, please
contact Jackie Spry or myself.

Competitions: Brian Turnbull, Slyvie Potvin, Doug Loughran, ***ia Tate and
Christian Berger.

Records: Christian Berger, Brian Turnbull plus the 10 provincial records

MSC Newsletter:  David Tree, Alex Herman, Raynald Dallaire

MSC Handbook:  Marilyn Williams, Paul Guerard, Alex Herman

Coaching Certification:  Phillippe Gelinas, Mary Lou Monteith, Marilyn Georgas,
Vivian McDonald, Kevin Ross

Fitness:  Brendan Symth, George Lyle, Meredith MacPherson-Stalwick, Don
Willians, Richard Cameron

Awards: Fiona Grant, Nicole Kellock

Insurance:  Geoff Camp, Klaus Wuerr

By-Laws:  Past President, Glen Anderson, Executive Committee

Finance: Martha Saunders

Long-term planning: Past President, Executive Committee


        Some Books that you might find useful. I have Baumann, Killmeir and Whitten
and am very pleased with the content of each. In fact, I had a long chat with
Phil Whitten earlier this month at the FINA Masters  Worlds in Montreal
--really helpful, down-to-earth guy. Phil's book is excellent (yes, I had to
buy it). Let me know about any books that you have found useful.

Baumann, Alex & Tihanyi, Jeno      
Toronto: Key Porter Books, 1989

Bragg, Patricia
Endurance Training Manual
Health Science 1984

Brems, Marianne
Chicago: Contemporary Books, 1984

Brems, Marianne
Chicago: Contemporary Books, 1988

Brems, Marianne
San Francisco Chronicle Books, 1979

Chambliss, Daniel F.    
New York: Morrow, 1988

Chavoor, Sherman        
New York: Coward, McCann, Geoghegan, 1973

Councilman, James E.    
Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, 1968

Firby, Howard  
Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, 1968

Gambril, Donald L.      
Pacific Palisades, CA: Goodyear Pub., 1969

Hagerman, Gene R.      
Toronto: New York: Bantam Books, 1987

Honig, Daniel  
Ballantine Books, Miller Press Inc., 1985

Jerome, John    
New York: Viking Press, 1984

Katz, Jane      
Dolphin Books, Doubleday, 1981

Killmeir, Anita
Fraser Publications, 1991
Box 1045,  Ivanhoe, Australia 3079
Great reference for the average swimmer. No previous knowledge of swimming
required. The AUSSIEs seem to way ahead of Canada in Masters publications!

Maglischo, E. & Baennan, Cathy      
Swimming World Magazine
P.O. Box 45947, Los Angeles CA 90045

Maglischo, Ernest W.    
Palo Alto, CA: Mayfield Pub. Co., 1982

Peterson, Bert  
2051 NE 137th Ave., Portland, OR  97230

Shea, Edward J.
Champaign, IL: Leisure Press, 1986

Snelling, Derek
London, Luscombe, 1976

Chicago: Contemporary Books, 1986

Swimming Natation Canada        
Available from your Section Office

Thomas, David G.        
SWIMMING: Steps to Success
ISBN 0-88011-309-X               Order from :      
Canadian MasterAthlete Federation (416) 282-0999

Thomas, David G.        
ISBN 0-88011-389-8                        
Canadian MasterAthlete Federation (416) 282-0999

Wagenvoord, James      
Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merril, 1980

Weiner, Harvey S.      
New York: Simon & Schuster, 1980

Whitten, Dr. Phillip
ISBN 0-679-74667-6
Random House, 1994
        Just got this book at Worlds in Montreal. I highly recommend it to the average
Masters swimmer. Very well researched, but easy for anyone to understand. There
are 372 well-illustrated pages. Dr. Whitten is the editor-in-chief of  SWIM
magazine (the official magazine of USMS).


Australian Masters Swimming Coaches Newsletter
Anita Killmier, 3/28 Hughenden Rd.
East St. Kilda, Vic, 3183
$20/4 issues (US$ Bankdraft)

MACA Newsletter
11548 Orange Blossom Lake      
Boca Raton, Fl 33428    
US$14/ year (this price may not be current)

New Zealand Masters Swimmers Inc.      
PO Box 5092, Mount Maungani    
New Zealand          
Tom Logan continues to do a great job. I will continue to subscribe.

MSI News (Masters Swimming International)      
PO Box 142, Northampton, W.A.  
Australia 6535  
US$10/ year

SWIM Magazine  
Sports Publication Inc.  
Box 45497, Los Angeles, CA  90045  
US$21/ year plus GST(to Canada) this price is the latest price (July/94)
        This is the best general Masters-related swimming magazine that I have found.
It is well worth the cost of the subscription, even with the added mailing and
exchange costs. You can subscribe (using a credit card) on their toll-free line
at (800) 538-9787.

Whittall Publishing    
General Delivery,  Meaford, Ontario      
N0H 1Y0             $20/ year- four issues      (latest price)
Beth Whittall has been very active at the provincial (Ontario) and national
level for many years. She has served on many committees and helped to write
many parts of the MSC Rules of Competition. Her newsletter has been published
for about 12 years and was the first National newsletter serving Canadians.