need a new pool in bay area (san mateo)

need a new pool in bay area (san mateo)

Post by webga » Wed, 12 Feb 1997 04:00:00

hi kids,

i've been swimming at the YMCA in san mateo which has been nothing but a
nightmare. i finally threw in my membership card in disgust and am now
searching for a local pool with reliable lap swimming hours, preferably open
in the evening.

i swim in the morning at college of san mateo, in the afternoon at rinconada
(palo alto) and king (san mateo), but really want an indoor pool for those
days when my little body just can't cope with the wind and cold.25yd or 25m
OK, 50 would be a dream come true.

any suggestions? i'm NOT looking for masters, i just need time and space to
put in laps.please email me if you know of anything.

thanks a lot!