Aussies take Chinese drug stance

Aussies take Chinese drug stance

Post by david mar » Tue, 04 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Australian Swimming Incorporated board on Sunday took its toughest
stand against China and the former East Germany over the ***

Here is the press release from ASI in full:


The following motions have been passed by the Board of Australian
Swimming Inc and they will be forwarded to FINA as soon as possible:

"The Board recommends that the swimming disciplines of the Federation of
Peoples Republic of China:
* be suspended by FINA from international competition for a period of
  four years
* that they not be readmitted until they have proved conclusively to FINA
        * effective out of competition drug testing is in place; and
        * its swimmers are free of performance enhancing ***.

ASI also requests FINA reinvestigate the results and awards presented to
the GDR and its athletes in the light of the apparent new evidence which
has recently been published.

Further that if that evidence is not proven then ASI recommend to FINA

(1) all prizes and awards presented to the GDR Federation and its swimmers
    be withdrawn, and

(2) any World, Olympic and European records affected by expurged from the
    record books.

It was also agreed that fINA be requested to investigate the position of
drug taking in any FINA federation that may have transgressed since 1968.

It was further agreed that those FINA investigations should include all
persons involved in drug taking or the administration of drug taking
including doctors, coaches, trainers, parents, staff and any other persons.

It was further agreed that Australian Swimming inform otther leading
swimming nations of its recommendations to FINA and request their

                END OF PRESS RELEASE