Swim Mag, Masters Swimming, Ultra's

Swim Mag, Masters Swimming, Ultra's

Post by Curt Simki » Wed, 25 Jan 1995 03:28:12

  Could someone post a number I could call for a subscription
  to Swim Magazine and also the number for US Masters Swimming.

  Does Swim cover Ultra swimming very well?  Is there something

  Also, what have you experienced folks used for training workouts.
  I know, I know.......in order to swim long, you need to swim long 8-).
  But I'm just curious what you might have come up with.  I am thinking
  of swims in the 2.5 - 10.0 mile range, don't think I'll tackle the
  Atlantic just yet.

  If anyone has done the Skaha Lake Ultra Swim in Penticton (7.2 miles?),
  what kind of times are people doing and what has been a good and/or
  winning time for a male 45 years old?

  Curt Simkins
  McMinnville Division