Advanced training for S/African swimmer

Advanced training for S/African swimmer

Post by naido » Fri, 21 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Dear Swimming fraternity

I am looking for advice/guidance on behalf of a very talented young
South African female swimmer. This 13 year old is currently one of the
best Black swimmers in competitive swimming in the country.  After
discussions with various people (and the youngster herself), her
parents have decided that the only serious way to tap this potential
is to obtain access to the the high calibre of coaching that can only
be found outside the borders of South Africa - in countries such as
the US, Canada and the UK.

We are of the opinion that if this is to be realised then the sooner
she has access to such resources the better for her competitive
carreer. The question is HOW?!

As she is still in school (junior high) this can be a little
difficult.  Although getting this sort of training at an international
tertiary institution is easier, the feeling that waiting till then may
be detrimental to her carreer. I am essentially seeking advice on how
best to extract the maximum out of this swimmer without creating
problems with her academic training.

Her parents are will to fund her relocation on a trial basis outside
South Africa.

Any help/advice will be sincerely appreciated.

Kind regards
Rajen Naidoo


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