Speedo goggles.

Speedo goggles.

Post by Roy Donalds » Wed, 02 Sep 1992 17:55:50

Hi There,

I've recently just bought myself a new pair of Speedo goggles, the
Endurance Anti-Fog UV pair, after leaving an identical pair behind in the
changing rooms :(. This new pair seems to have a different set of sizes for
the nose pieces provided. My last pair had sizes, 4, 6 & 12 and this new
pair came with 3, 7 & 11. The problem is that none of the new nose pieces
keep the water out, the size 4 I had before was perfect !

Could anyone give me the contact address (preferably phone number) for Speedo
in Britain (though I'll phone Canada if needs be) so I can try to obtain
the correct size ? It's annoying as it's stopping me swimming, taking
me down from 3km to under 2km because of water in my eyes.

Thanks in advance,


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Speedo goggles.

Post by Tim Cesped » Thu, 03 Sep 1992 01:17:39


Just got the latest (93) Speedo catalog.  The only addresses in it
are for the US and Canada (I guess there's a different version for
the UK).  They are:

        Speedo Canada
        1330 Trans Canada Highway
        Dorval Quebec  H9P 1H7
        voice west:     800-465-7443
        voice east:     800-465-2408
        fax:            514-421-3697

        Speedo America
        7911 Haskell Ave.
        Van Nuys, CA  91409
        voice:  800-547-8770
        fax:    818-373-4433

Good luck,