May 13th - Coyote Point Swim

May 13th - Coyote Point Swim

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San Francisco Bay Swimming Association
April 23, 2000

7:30 a.m.)

If you are planning to swim from Alcatraz this year, this is the one SFBSA
workout that most closely approximates the rough water conditions of this
preeminent Bay Area swim.  If you can swim Coyote Point, you can rest
assured that youll successfully complete Alcatraz.

To accommodate the varying skill levels of all swimmers, we will have two
distance options:    1.1 mile and 1.8 mile.  Both swims start and finish on
the beach.

We will begin the workout promptly at 8:00 a.m. and should conclude no later
than 9:30 a.m.

NOTE:  We are beginning this swim an hour EARLIER than normal due to the

Since the objective of SFBSA is to provide you with safe opportunities in
which to practice your open-water swimming skills, the following is offered
to enhance your safety and comfort:

1)  The water temperature will be around 55 degrees.  I definitely recommend
a wetsuit.  You will also be required to wear a brightly colored florescent
***swim cap (for both warmth and safety).  Spending $25 for a Barracuda
Hothead Thermal Cap is highly recommended.
2)  Both courses will parallel the shore.  At no time will you ever be in
water that is more than three-five feet deep.  If you should have problems,
don't panic - simply stand-up and walk out of the water.  I will also be in
a kayak for  safety and support.  There is no current.
3)  After the swim, there are changing facilities including showers.  Bring
a warm change of clothing.  And take it from experience - absent a sauna in
which to warm up, you are strongly encouraged to bring a thermos of hot tea
or broth.  Going for a short 10-20 minute run is also another excellent
method to warm up and there are some scenic  jogging trails in the park.

Registration will begin at 7:30 a.m.  YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO SHOW PROOF OF
U.S. MASTERS SWIMMING MEMBERSHIP (unless youve done so at one of our
previous swims).

Since this is not a race, there is no race fee charged.  However, there is a
nominal fee of $3 for SFBSA members and $5 for non SFBSA members.    There
is also a $4 per vehicle Park admission fee (it may be waived due to the
running race - I'm not positive though).

From the North, you literally will be making a Figure 8 getting off 101 and
into the Park.  Allow EXTRA time in case you get lost!!  Take 101 south to
Poplar Avenue (you will be going west).  Go to the first traffic light at
Humboldt Street and make a right (now you will be going north).  Go to
Peninsula Avenue and make another right that will take you back over 101
(you will be going east).  Once you get over 101, Peninsula Avenue veers to
the left (north) and then clover leafs / u-turns on itself to go south.
Make your first left onto Coyote and youre at the Park.  (Also follow the
green directional signs to the Park once you get off 101.)

From the South, take 101 north to the Dore Ave. / N. Bayshore Blvd. exit and
follow parallel to 101 until you reach Coyote Point Park.

Stop at the Park Entrance Gate, pay the $4 per vehicle Park admission fee
(if being collected) and then make your first left.  Follow the road all the
way around to the beach and park.  Look for my green Volkswagen Passat
station wagon with the roof rack.

Coyote Point is a great day trip destination that can provide a wide variety
of opportunities:  picnic areas with barbecue pits, beaches, windsurfing,
bike riding, jogging, fishing, boating and sailing.  There is also the
spectacular Coyote Point Museum which is the only environmental science
museum in the Bay Area.  Exhibits include six major ecosystems found in the
Bay Area.  The Wildlife Habitat, adjacent to the museum, houses live
reptiles, amphibians, mammals and birds.

This promises to be another most enjoyable morning.  If you have friends who
are Masters Swimmers and might be interested, please pass the word on to
them.  If you have any questions, please contact me at (650) 359-3773.  I
look forward to seeing you on May 13th.
Gary A. Emich

For more information about  other open water swimming opportunities, visit (provided courtesy of Lee Rudin)