Stanford and drug testing

Stanford and drug testing

Post by PJ Monst » Thu, 11 Nov 1993 09:16:22

As a Stanford swimmer, I have to say that some of the recent posts to this
newgroups have been *interesting*.  Although I don't know much about what
happens on other sports teams on campus, I do know about what goes on
in the swim teams, and I just have a couple of things to say about some
recent accusations on the net.

As far as I know, no Stanford swimmer has ever done steroids, though there
have been many rumors about different teammates of mine.  Both head coaches
here are VERY opposed to steriod use, and the women's coach, Richard Quick,
is working very *** national and international levels to rid our sport
of steriods all together.

Though I can't speak for all my teammates, I, for one, DO voluntarily take
the drug tests.  Every year before NCAA's, I sign the consent form saying
that I acknowledge and consent to the random drug testing policy at the
national championships.  I think it is important to maintain fairness in
competition, and though the drug testing may infringe on my privacy, I
don't know of any other way to enforce the drug policy.

I understand that Stanford is put in the limelight because of its success
and because of its exemption from drug testing, but I do not think it is
fair to accuse us of drug use unless there is substantial evidence (if there
is any, I am not aware of it and would be interested to hear it).

The last thing I would like to point out is that the majority of the swimmers
here are on the national team, either A or B teams, and they are not
exempt from drug testing done by US Swimming or FINA.  USS has set up a
random drug testing program for all national team members in which members
are selected at random.  The athlete is sent a notice in the mail and, upon
receiving it, must report to a drug testing site within 48 hours.  These
tests can be done any time of the year, and many of my teammates have been
tested since the new drug testing program began.

Whether or not the case is overturned, making drug testing mandatory for
Stanford athletes, isn't going to make a lot of difference in performances
at NCAA's this year.  Stanford swimmers are still going to swim as hard
as ever, hoping and fighting for another title, and none of us will
be using steriods to do it.

Pamela Minthorn