BodMod / Piercing Mags.

BodMod / Piercing Mags.

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>        Could anyone recommend any bodmod / piercing magazines that are
>readily available in the UK. I can't seem to find anything at the
>newsagent or my local branch of WH Smiths (wonder why? ;-).

Smiths! you go into Smiths for decent reading material! poor dissillusioned
The following are fairly readily available - I've included publishers'
addresses tho' in case you have problems.

Publications Ltd
PO Box 32
Great Yarmouth
NR29 5RD
        Don't be put off by the UKL8 cover price and the fact that it's only
quarterly (for which read irregular :) ). I've subscribed to bodyart
since issue one and it continues to offer grade A quality in the pictures at
least. Quite frankly I don't know what life would be without it.

Flesh Canvas
Creeker Music Publications
2 Hurst House
14 Church Road
East Molesey
        I've only just come across this effort, which claims to be "Europe's
Tattoo & Piercing Magazine". Seems to be inclined toward the social side of
BodMod, lots of show reports etc. Text though is quite lively although the
pictures tend to be of the "tat throuh a keyhole" variety.  An article in No.
13 on Pazyryk (Scythian) tattooing has inspiered the decoration on the outside
of my garden shed! (and revived memories of bodyary No.1.).

Skin Deep
PO Box 122
        This has been around for a while and is actually the product od f a
German publishing house. Similar sort of constiuency as Flesh Canvas although
I do find the text rather juvenile even for my taste.

Piercing World
153 Tomkinson Road
CV10 8DP
        Primarily the journal of PAUK this tends to cater to a rather closed
audience of metal through skin freaks here in the UK. Text tends to be rather
amateurish and the picures are of people involved in the scene rather than
than their pierces. I guess they have trouble with a voyeuristic image as I've
only seen it on open shelves in a sealed plastic cover. Nudity it contains
(you gotta put your metal somewhere) ***ography or even *** it ain't. To be
honest you wouldn't stump up UKL4 quarterly for this unless you were socially
involved in the UK piercing scene.

American/German tattoo mags like "Tattoo" and "Tattoo Savage" are also readily
available over here.

I should forget Smiths and other High Street newsagents as they like fast
selling publications not specialist mags. Best places to look are smaller
newsagents who carry a lot of titles. Somehow these tend to be near
Universities or on the youthful edges of town centres.

>        BTW, how long should i wait to change my navel CBR for a curved
>barbell, it's been about six weeks since my piercing. Also, will i be
>able to stretch up a size or is it too soon??

Wait until you've saved up enough money to pay for it :). Wildcat quote UKL2
over their standard barbell price which I have as ten quid for up to 2.4mm
guage. Then back to the piggybank again for your jewlled navel stud at twenty

You will probably find a navel will reject before you can have any thought
about stretching it. Why not get a pierce someplace more exciting and save
money by using the CBR now in your navel to heal it on.
[No flames plese, this is just my personal opinion][please]

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