polo - 2 point shot

polo - 2 point shot

Post by Martin Smi » Wed, 10 Nov 1993 09:39:00

>In NCAA polo this year several rule changes were instigated, one of
>them being the 2 point shot.

For those of us down here in Australia, what is this rule?

>It makes for more late-game strategy and increases fan involvement.

What, do fans get to shoot now?



polo - 2 point shot

Post by Stephen Nels » Thu, 11 Nov 1993 09:19:02


>- Brian

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I play/coach for a club team in Wisconsin and the new rule can really
make things interesting.  The good thing is you can close a gap quickly
with a two point shot, the bad things is it is usually the other team scoring.

Two things that are interesting:
        everyone thinks they can can score from 8 meters
        no one backs up to take the two meter shot ala basketball

I have discouraged players from from taking it, it really shows how
desparate you are.  Also the timing is usally bad (after a goal, or
when the 2m is fronted).  I think the best time to take them is when
the goalie is out (the best time to take any shot :) ), or when there is
lots of inside driving, attention is off the ball.

I'm really looking forward to other rule changes, smaller ball, fewer players,

college clubs for our first tournement this fall.  Boy oh Boy can those kids
go back and forth.

I would love read more about polo and less about swimming form the hips
:) :) :).


polo - 2 point shot

Post by Brian R. Hu » Fri, 12 Nov 1993 08:15:04


>>I haven't read any objections posting about polo - thanks swimmers for
>>allowing us to join in.
>>In NCAA polo this year several rule changes were instigated, one of
>>them being the 2 point shot.  I've now played almost an entire season
>>with it and feel that its a good rule.  It makes for more late-game
>>strategy and increases fan involvement.  I wonder what those of
>>you who play other levels of polo think of the rule.  Is it being
>>considered at the high school or internation level?
>What is this rule ... i've never heard of it. Admittedly i havn't
>played polo since leaving australia 2 years ago, so i suppose it is
>little wonder that i haven't heard of it.  Could some kind soul out
>there please explain the rule?

I think the push is from the international level, and as last I recall
the details were still being experimented with in various leagues and
tournaments.  The basic idea is that a shot from behind a certain line
counts more.  I played this summer with a 2 point line at 7 meters and
found that to be too much for too little in my opinion; I'd advise 2
points for a normal goal and 3 points for a goal behind the line.  (In
fact, I heard here of one variation with those point values and a 4-meter
shot done like an NCAA basketball one-and-one...)

Brian R. Hunt