Swiming marathon

Swiming marathon

Post by Gora » Wed, 06 Sep 2000 16:26:15


> Try http://www.fina.org/recordshome.html

Well, I found http://www.openwaterswimming.com/ on FINA pages. TNX.

> By the way, We spent 2 weeks at Otok Crevni near Rovinj in July.
> We had a great time-visitied Porec and Pula.

There is a swiming marathon "Porec Dolphin" 4200 m form Porec to Island
Sv.Marko and back. If you have any brochure you can see it.
Nice FKK camps there around Rovinj...
But if you realy want to enjoy Croatia, you must visit undiscovered places,
try them next year.


> Rovinj had a good outdoor pool--Lots of water Polo

> Croatia is a great place. We didn't want to leave!

I belive... I couldn't, if I want :))))

> We are from the U.K.

I am from Umag... just 40km north. Try to be in Croatia next september for
"Porec dolphin" marathon.
:))) .