Give Aussies a fair chance ..

Give Aussies a fair chance ..

Post by X L G » Thu, 15 Jan 1998 04:00:00

THE AUSTRALIAN newspaper reports on Wedesday that the Chinese
coaches denied that their swimmers had deliberately swum slowly
(so as to give Aussie swimmers a better chance I assume) on Tuesday,
despite of the following staggering results:
   1. none of the chinese swimmers made to the final on Tuesday
   2. Wang Luna (world No. 1 in 200 freestyle) finished in the HEAT
      at the 4th position (thus out of the final)
   3. Wang Wei (world No. 3 in 100 breatstroke), and Zhang Yi (world
      No. 4 in 100 ***stroke) both finished the LAST in the corresponding
      heats. Wang's time ranked the 29-th in the qualifying.
   4. Xiong Guoming (world No. 5 in 400 men's medley) slowed down by
      10 seconds to sit in the 13th.
   5. they all seemed happy with their performance after the swim.

With the help of these events, the Aussie female swimmers performed
brilliantly: top gun Samantha Riley finally made the the 6th place.  By
the way, I think to mention that she was tested positive for banned substances
not too long ago, and that she was chosen to lead the oath on not using
*** in Perth this time, is out of place. So I'll withdraw the last
sentence and say instead that not all banned substances are performance-enchancing:
some of them (like a painkiller) can be used to mask other performance
enchancing ***. Of course, when the testing techniques have improved
so much so that such masking agents can't hide other *** anymore,
some of the previously banned substances will no longer be banned.

I think FINA should consider adding a rule so that it can ban any team
found guilty of deliberate slowing done in international competitions.

Viva Australian Female Swimming Team.