DQ bureaucracy

DQ bureaucracy

Post by Hole in pocke » Mon, 05 Apr 1999 05:00:00

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Date: Sunday, April 04, 1999 12:35
Subject: Re: disqualification for the aussies

>Some of us are lucky to be Olympians..............if you are not then how
>can you comment.

>I play things by the book, I was just saying that most Aussies stretch the
>rulebook to the limit (and beyond)

>I understand that it was a really bad decision made by unsportspeople,
>bureaucracy is live and kicking. I saw lots of unfair decisions and that
>including illegal things, like dolphin kick on starts and turns. The main
>culprits..........of course the Yanks and the Aussies !!!!!

>ps I apologise for any offence