Swimming mailing lists?

Swimming mailing lists?

Post by Richard Osterbe » Tue, 20 Jun 1995 04:00:00

: Does anyone know of any mailing-lists for swimming?

I administer two "special-interest" mailing lists...

menswim-list is for announcements regarding Harvard Men's Swimming.  
womswim-list is for announcements regarding Harvard Women's Swimming.  
Both are essentially zero-traffic over the summer.  They are standard
majordomo lists... sent a "subscribe" message to

-Rick Osterberg
Harvard Swimming


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Swimming mailing lists?

Post by Set » Tue, 20 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I help with this type of thing at the University of North Carolina.  Since
the Coachs do not have a e - mail I have been doing this kind of thing for
them.  Please send anything of relevence to me. I would be delighted if
you could
put me on your mail list.  I am putting together a type of bbs here.  We
only have about 100 people but hope to do better.  I am primarily
targeting College coaches and Masters swimmers who are active in college
refereeing.  For example, I have all the ref's on the list who are also
active masters swimmers.  I am also a ref at most ACC meets - as per the
coach , Frank Comfort's request.  I'd like to do more for college swimming
but I also run an engineering firm - but we are all busy,  
so what the heck it beats the alternative .

Later : Jim Green


Swimming mailing lists?

Post by Garrett Jackso » Wed, 21 Jun 1995 04:00:00

There is a swimming mailing list called SWIM-L.  It has 1-5 messages
a day, and is mostly about competitive swimming at all levels.  
There are quite a few collegiate swimmers and coaches on the list.

To subscribe send a message to:

In the body of the message put:

SUBscribe SWIM-L <your_full_name>

If you do this correctly you will receive something like:

(1.7f)) On: 07
/02/94  22:54
Subject:      Your subscription to list SWIM-L

Dear networker,

  Your subscription to list SWIM-L (Discussion  of all aspects of
swimming) hasbeen accepted.

Garry Jackson