Dos & Don'ts For Shoulders

Dos & Don'ts For Shoulders

Post by Steve Russe » Sat, 20 Aug 1994 03:05:53

I am interested in getting a list of " Dos & Don'ts" regarding
stroke/crawl mechanics in preventing shoulder problems.

A few weeks ago I began cleaning up my crawl stroke with some
drills a friend gave me, but I've been getting some pain
in my shoulders between the shoulder and the collar bone area.

I have a good stretching and rotator cuff exercise program.  I
also do a sensible weight training program.  I figure it is
my new crawl stroke.

When I do my crawl I use the " thumb-along-side-of-body" drill
in recovery to keep my elbows up.  I enter the water with my
hand at a 45degree angle, palm flat relative to water ( not tilted-
to the side).  I also try to enter the water with my arm pointing
straight ahead and I try to use a " catch up" drill in my crawl
every few laps to make sure my hips turn.

Am I doing anything that to cause shoulder problems?