guys doing synchro?

guys doing synchro?

Post by Chip Zempe » Sun, 24 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Hi synchro people! Nice to see you here on A question:
we've got a lot of programs for women playing water polo. When will the
guys get to do synchro?

I'm serious - my mother did synchro, taught me a lot of the basics. Our
junior high school used to have "co-rec" days when boys could go play
field hockey and girls could play football. I always chose synchro if it
was available.

And for you other guys who've never tried this - it's tough! It takes
very specialized technique, gobs of endurance, lungs of steel, and then
when you get all done, and think, "hot damn, I did it!" you coach points
out that you forgot to SMILE!

Chip Zempel