Swim Rest Ratio in masters swimming prog's

Swim Rest Ratio in masters swimming prog's

Post by John Cochra » Sat, 10 Sep 1994 11:35:27

I've got a question for all you coaches out there:

When writing programs for masters and triathletes, I'm always aware
that my swimmers prime objective is to cover distance in the set.
Now our pool times are limited to two 1.5 hour sets a week and I
know that we should also be doing other kinds of work that involve
much higher swim rest ratios such as lactate tolerance, V02 MAX
and speed sets.

So my questions:

1. Should I emphasise distance or quality in my sets
2. Should I worry about the V02 MAX and Lactate sets in
a masters program
3. What kind of program cycle time do you recommend, at
the moment we do roughly a 12 week cycle moving through 6 weeks
of aerobic endurance through 4 weeks of aerobic maintenace and
anaerobic endurance to 2 weeks of sprints, we don't have sudden
transitions in the type of work but a gradual change over and
the swimmers will be doing their own training in public pools
and possibly with other clubs. I try to syncronize the cycle
with the major masters competitions that our swimmers do.

I look forward to your ideas and comments.