*** Your Opinion Please Regarding Sun Care Products***

*** Your Opinion Please Regarding Sun Care Products***

Post by William Cre » Tue, 08 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I would like to know what motivates ***s in terms of purchasing a
certain brand of sun tan or sun block product. What is it that you look
for when you make the decision to buy these items?

Is it the packaging, your friends opinion, how the product feels, the
products fragrance, advertising that you have seen, an impulse, do you
simply use whatever is in your home, are there other factors that you

Are you more concerned with getting a nice tan or in blocking out any
tanning rays when you go to the beach or pool?

What would make these types of products, creams, lotions, oils,
moisturizers, after sun products, more appealing to you and something
that you would look specifically for when you want to buy them?

If you saw neat graphics and beach scene advertising in your magazines
or in the store that featured someone your age that you could relate to
easily, would this make the product more attractive to you?

Any information that you can provide to me along these lines will be
very helpful to me in setting up a new company that will make and
distribute suncare products to a young consumer that is 13-24 years

I certainly appreciate serious responses that help me to understand
your thoughts in relation to this.

National and international responses would be great.

Bill Cress
Surfer Girl Suncare Products Corp.