Coaching Is Not Teaching...Oh yes for a no=no situation

Coaching Is Not Teaching...Oh yes for a no=no situation

Post by Robert Kip » Fri, 30 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Reading your message gives me new respect for teachers.


>         To teach is to impart new knowledge to
>             those who come to visit the guru.

>         To coach is to motivate people to go
>             the extra laps in order to please
>             the coach and get in shape according
>             to the dictates of the coach.

>             To teach is to nurture a mind to grow
>             and allow the body to follow

>             To coach is to nurture the body and to
>         allow the times to slow.

>         People: i had a coach when in competitive swimming.

>         Ok...he came in with great credentials.  A lot better
>         than boring ex-Mr. ATlas who had us the first year
>         swimming laps width-wise.

>         he was a coach.  he coached wrestling and gymnastics.
>         he was not a teacher.  I did not learn anything about
>         swimming prowess from this oaf.  nada.  How did i learn?

>         Myself. PLus other swimmers were swimming I
>         gravitated towards that.  Being coached vis a vis
>         AAU people.  who were coaches too.

>         A coach is not a teacher.  If he was, then why was there
>         nothing to help us become better swimmers scheduled in his
>         plan vs. no plan: he had no plan.  But he was a coach.  he
>         had all these credentials for who he was: a coach.

>         No where was there a teacher.  he coached.  he had his
>         rules and they were screwed up.

>         he had a rule: do what I tell you to do or get the hell
>         out of the pool and ***-home.

>         What did he teach?  he taught obedience.  But obedience
>         is not being taught.

>         We got this new coach in next year: he had credentials up
>         the Kazoo.  He liked kids.  he had kids.  By the way they
>         (three of them went on to the Olympics).

>         he was a coach.  that's it.  He was a good coach. We won
>         meets and we won the Championship meet for two years later
>         and he went on to many swim championships after we all
>         graduated.

>         he did not teach.  but he knew coaching.

>         he showed us how to do a flip turn.  Once.  Everything
>         was once.

>         Coaches are not teachers.  Teachers instill new knowing
>         into a receptive mind.  Coaches take what was taught by
>         others and use it to attain their goals.   The coach.

>         Coaches are governed by a totally different sense of
>         propriety.  They do it to win.

>         Swim teachers are governed by a sharing propriety: to
>         instill info into the mind of the student that makes
>         them able to assume the requirements to complete the
>         task.  Ability to show and instill and complete the
>         process where a neophyte grows into a performer.

>         Coaching is not teaching.  It's a rote.  Rote based
>         on how skillful their motiviation techniques are to
>         get the group to act in the way the coach prescribes.

>         That is not teaching.

>         That coach could coach the team, but he did not
>         teach us much.  he just capitalized on the fact that
>         we had the motivation, had the desire, had the skills,
>         had the want, had the time, etc.

>         But he could and did teach his kids how.

>         go figure.

>         bill conduit
>         etc.