Looking for Pebble Beach lap pool

Looking for Pebble Beach lap pool

Post by jopp.. » Sat, 29 Jun 1996 04:00:00

        I'll be spending 4 days, 3 nights at the Inn at Spanish Bay in
        Pebble Beach, CA, in August.

        I called there, and they said that they have a lap pool that is
        72 feet.  (Why didn't they just make it 25 yds...)  The odd size
        makes me question just how well-suited it really will be for lap

        Anyway, I can live with that for a few days, but I was wondering
        if anyone knew of something better in that area.  

        If you respond here, please try to forward it to me via email

        feeding me everything that gets posted in the newsgroups I read.



        Joe Oppelt


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Looking for Pebble Beach lap pool

Post by Swimme » Sun, 30 Jun 1996 04:00:00


According to the PR dept at the Inn at Spanish Bay, the pool there is 25y,
not 72 feet.  If you're staying at the Inn, you'll also have access to the
25meter pool at the Lodge at Pebble Beach.

And if those aren't to your liking, there's a nice pool in Monterey.

They're all listed in Swimmers Guide Online at


Bill Haverland