Your Input Needed!!!!!!!

Your Input Needed!!!!!!!

Post by The Ozilia » Sun, 05 Apr 1998 04:00:00

I have just created a new web page called Global Swimmming Unlimited,
the page has links and news for the world of swimming.

I'm a swimmer myself and this page is run by me and a few other swim
freinds who wish to
provide a swim web site that not only has news on swimming but have another
aspect of
Swimming included in the page.

We intend to have input from coaches and swimmers about any aspect of
you feel needs to be addressed,this may be your thoughts on training for an
upcoming swim meet,
or ways of maximising your performance during training and getting the most
out of your stroke.

Also we do not intend too have a copy of things that occur on this
newsgroup,although we would feel welcomed to have any newsreader put foward
a question or comment as such should you wan't to.

All the swim meets people attend around the world,will have a place on our
web site and you can submit any piece of info you wan't to us and we will
try and display that on the site.

Finnaly,as we are all a part of the swimming community in some way I feel
that it is our job to provide other links to swim pages for your source of
information and enjoyment,these links will be put up in our links page so
feel free to submit your links Via E-mail to me.

Thanks and Swim Ya Best!!!!

The Ozilian--

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