The Olympic Camp with unlimited capacity!!

The Olympic Camp with unlimited capacity!!

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Olympic Camp at Recreation Area TOBESOFKEE in Macon.
Our Olymic Camp is located 70 min. south of Atlanta. At Lake Tobesofkee, Georgia's finest outdoor and fun recreation area, you will
be able to enjoy fishing, boating, tennis, swimming, beach volleyball and many other activities. Comparable with the Olympic idea our
Olympic Camp is created to be the Melting Pot for all cultural and ethnic groups of the world where its youth will gather.

Our Olympic Camp offers unlimited capacity and all prices include:
        dayly shuttle buses to the olympic arenas
        breakfast and dinner or lunch packages
        programms for recreation and culture
        round tables with Olympic athletes
        and much more.

Our trip-offers start at with a 5 day package:
        - flight Frankfurt (Ger.) - Atlanta - Frankfurt (Ger.) at 1996,- DM (ca. $1330)
        - if you travel on your own expenses a 10 day trip will be 1680,-DM (ca. $1120)

For additional information and information about hotels and tickets we offer please contact us at the following address: