New Book: Cool Coaching, A Manual of Effectiveness For Coaches of Competitive Swimmers

New Book: Cool Coaching, A Manual of Effectiveness For Coaches of Competitive Swimmers

Post by Steve Friederan » Fri, 19 Sep 1997 04:00:00

"Cool Coaching, A Manual of Effectiveness For All Great Coaches of
Competitive Swimmers" is 340 pages of fun, physiology, biomechanics,
leadership and screenshots of the most incredible sports program ever
developed, Cool Coach, by Tropical Penguin Software Company (see

Steve Friederang is readable and familiar as he is revolutionary in his
concept that swim coaches are leaders and that leadership organizations
should enhance those qualities first. Cool Coach, the software invented
by \Friederang and Berkeley's Dr. Geoff Pilling and which is constantly
being enhanced by those two plus Dr. Larence Chernin from Harvard and
now hundreds of Cool Coach users on and off line, is focussed on
leaderships as much as the other factors which go into swimming fast.

A fellow of the Covey Leadership Centers Advanced course work,
Friederang and the technical geniuses have added twelve specific
leadership functions to the software which already could create one
million workouts specific to any swimmer or group, could run
correlations to find out what was and was not working, could build track
charts that can be posted on the wall with percent from goals and
percent improvements, and about ffifty other functions no one else had
thought of.

"It's easy to be unique when you're the only ones with the mission to
help people improve measurably," says Friederang. We just look at what
the "end" is, a swimmer who loves the sport for a lifetime, is fit and
healthy and who has the best possible chance to be successful."
        The program and book include worksheets fro stroke progressions
including the desired "result" of all stroke drills in the total stroke.
From dryland to stroke video's on C/D this highly inclusive program has
almost infinite functionality for only $329 (occassionally discounted
when Friederang makes public appearances).
        The leadership functions include a "Budget"function that relates the
values of the organization with the amounts given to each value. A
similar "personal" budget is included to help us all stay on track. a
siliar function is included for the use of time, including a
LIFEcalendar, from Tropical Penguin's work in progress Cool LIFE.

        The new book will is $52 by calling (800) 99-0824; soon to be available
on-line as is Cool Coach and Friederang's other book, The One and Only
Cool Workbook For Advanced Swimmers (go to
Http://, then Swimming and PRODUCTS). Those who
purchase Cool Coach get this "Cool Coaching" free! Great deal if you've
got Microsoft Excel and a Windows machine or a Mac and a need for speed!